290/130 Flyovers Project

Flyover Now Open

Now Open: South-to-West Flyover

The flyover from southbound SH 130 to westbound 290 Toll opened to traffic in early January, roughly eight months ahead of schedule. Drivers making this movement now have a safe, efficient, free-flowing direct connection between the two roadways. Those who prefer the non-tolled option may still use the frontage road intersection beneath the two roadways.


Toll Payment Options:

All electronic or cashless tolling is utilized, meaning drivers do not have to stop – or even slow down – to pay their tolls.

Electronic Options

Customers with an active electronic tag will receive a 33% discount on tolls. The Mobility Authority accepts any of the following electronic tags: TxTag, TollTag, EZ-Tag, K-TAG, Pikepass, or BancPass. 

electronic toll tags

For more information on these electronic tag options and how to get one, visit the Mobility Authority website.

Pay By Mail

If you don’t have a tag just keep moving, and we’ll bill you through the Pay By Mail program. Pay By Mail customers are billed using a picture of their license plate and are charged a $1.00 statement fee per bill.

Pay by Mail is available online at www.PayMobilityBill.com, or by calling 1-833-762-8655.

Pay In Person

Customers can visit our service center or one of many participating stores to pay their bill in person. Visit www.PayMobilityBill.com/pay-in-person to see your options.

For information on TxDOT’s SH 130 Toll Road, visit their website.


Ramp Changes Take Effect with New Flyover Connection:

The new free-flowing direct connection from southbound SH 130 to westbound 290 Toll means changes for drivers wishing to access the non-tolled US 290 frontage roads.

The previous southbound exit located immediately south of Parmer lane (former Exit 437) no longer provides access to the non-tolled US 290 frontage roads. Southbound SH 130 drivers may now gain access to the US 290 frontage roads via the newly opened Exit 437A, located north of Parmer Lane. Exit 437A maintains exiting drivers’ direct access to the US 290 frontage roads, bypassing the signalized Parmer Lane intersection via a new bridge. 

Southbound SH 130 drivers wishing to use the new flyover to the westbound 290 Toll will use Exit 437B, located south of Parmer Lane. Exit 436 maintains access for southbound SH 130 drivers wishing to exit and access Parmer Lane. 

For more information see map below: